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Travertine Colours & Sample Images

Welcome to our Gallery of 160 different types of natural Travertine available from several different countries including Armenia, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Turkey and the U.S.A. Of course we shall add further travertines when we have the images.

Italy is probably the most well-known of travertine sources however some of the largest natural stone factories in the world can be found are in Turkey. China is a very large importer of travertine rough blocks where they are processed into slabs and tiles for both domestic usage and for re-export. Iran has very large travertine resources with several different colour varieties exported globally.

Travertine has been quarried for thousands of years with the largest building in the world made mostly of travertine being the Colosseum in Rome.

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Travertine Description

It is a form of massive calcium carbonate, CaCO3, formed by the evaporation of spring or river waters. It is often beautifully coloured and banded as a result of the presence of iron compounds or other (e.g., organic) impurities. This material is variously known as calc-sinter and calcareous tufa (when used for decorative purposes), in fact Travertine is actually a dense closely compacted form of limestone and takes a good polish but can also have a honed, brushed or tumbled finish. It is available as both "filled" or "unfilled".

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