Granite Colours & Images
Eurasian (Europe)
Premium Quality Natural Stone

Granite Slab Colours

Please note that these are average samples only.

Absolute Black Granite

Absolute Black Honed Granite

Absolute Cream Granite

African Beige Granite

African Fantasy Granite

African Ivory Granite

African Red Granite

Alaskan White Granite

Amadeus Granite

Angola Black Granite

Antique Brown Granite

Artic Blue Granite

Asterix Granite

Aurora Granite

Azul Bahia Granite

Azul Barracuda Granite

Azul Crystal Granite

Azul Platino Granite

Balmoral Red Granite

Baltic Brown Granite

Baltic Brown Light Granite

Baltic Green Granite

Bay Bordeaux Granite

Beach Wave Granite

Bianco Antico Granite

Bianco Romano Granite

Bianco Taupe Granite

Big Blue Granite

Bismark Brown Granite

Black Beauty Granite

Black Galaxy Granite

Black Marinace Granite

Black Mosaico Granite

Blue Bahia Granite

Blue Eyes Granite

Blue Fantasy Granite

Blue Fantasy Brazil Granite

Blue In The Night Granite

Blue Night Granite

Blue Persa Granite

Blue Polare Granite

Bordeaux Granite

Brasil Gold Granite

Brass Blue Granite

Bros Blue Granite

Cambrian Black Granite

Carioca Gold Granite

Carmello Granite

Cashmere White Granite

Coast Green Granite

Coffee Brown Granite

Copper Canyon Granite

Costa Smeralda Granite

Costa Smeralda Extra Granite

Crema Bordeaux Granite

Delicatus Granite

Desert Gold Granite

Exotic Gold Granite

Exotic Gold Light Granite

G682 Granite

Gazon Granite

Giallo Fiorito Granite

Giallo Napoleon Granite

Giallo Ornamental Light Granite

Giallo Veneziano Granite

Giallo Vicenza Granite

Gold And Silver Granite

Golden Beach Granite

Golden Oak Granite

Golden Paradise Granite

Golden Persa Granite

Golden Queen Granite

Impala Black Granite

Imperial White Granite

Indian Dakota Granite

Ivory Brown Granite

Juparana Arandis Granite

Juparana Bordeaux Granite

Juparana Colombo Granite

Juparana Colombo Gold Granite

Juparana Delicato Granite

Juparana Perla Granite

Juparana Persa Granite

Juparana Persa Blue Granite

Juparana Picasso Granite

Karisma Granite

Kashmir Gold Granite

Kashmir Gold Dark Granite

Kashmir White Granite

Kerala Green Granite

Labrador Antique Granite

Labrador Blue Granite

Labradorite Bianca Granite

Labradorite Blue Extra Granite

Labradorite Boreal Granite

Lady Dream Granite

Lapidus Granite

Lapidus Gold Granite

Lavender Blue Granite

Madura Gold Granite

Mascarello Granite

Metallic Granite

Meteorus Granite

Millenium Granite

Multicolor Red Granite

New Imperial Gold Granite

New Venetian Gold Granite

Optra Granite

Palladio Granite

Paradiso Bash Granite

Paradiso Classic Granite

Peacock Green Granite

Persa Blue Granite

Persa Pearl Granite

Portofino Gold Granite

Red Marinace Granite

Red Montana Granite

River Storm Granite

River White Granite

Romano Delicatus Granite

Rosewood Granite

Royal Brown Granite

Royal Olive Granite

Sage Brush Granite

Santa Cecilia Granite

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite

Santa Cecilia Light Granite

Shanxi Black Granite

Shivakashi Granite

Shivakashi Ivory Granite

Shivakashi Pink Granite

Sienna Bordeaux Granite

Silica Brown Granite

Silver Cloud Granite

Silver Galaxy Granite

Silver Sea Green Granite

Silver Sparkle Granite

Solarius Granite

Spartacus Golden Spectrus Granite

Spectrus Granite

Splash Blue Granite

Star Galaxy Granite

Stargate Granite

Stormy Night Granite

Sucuri Granite

Sucuri Gold Granite

Super Bordeaux Granite

Surf Green Granite

Swedish Brown Granite

Tan Brown Granite

Taupe Granite

Taupe Gold Granite

Taupe Multicolor Granite

Taupe White Granite

Tropic Brown Granite

Tropical Green Granite

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Verde Butterfly Granite

Verde Laura Granite

Verde Marina Granite

Verde Marinace Granite

Verde Peacock Granite

Verde Ubatuba Granite

Violetta Granite

Virginia Mist Granite

Vitoria Green Granite

Volga Blue Granite

Volga Blue Extra Granite

Zeus Gold Granite

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